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Monthly Coaching Fee:   Due on the 1st day of each month

            1st swimmer $100 per month

            2nd swimmer $90 per month

                        *$20 late fee if paid after the 5th day of the month


Seasonal Coaching Fee:  (includes May, June, & July)                          

1st swimmer $270 (3 months x $90)

            2nd swimmer $240 (3 months x $80)

            *Due on May 1st


Beaches Aquatic Club Registration Fee:    $100 per swimmer

            *Due on May 1st for all swimmers


River City Swim League (RCSL) Entry Fee:   River City website:

1st swimmer:  $60

2nd swimmer:  $30

*Due on May 1st for all swimmers

            *Need River City Registration form for all swimmers

*Need Birth Certificate for new swimmers.



USA Swimming Registration Fee

(required if swimming past July)

$85 for Full Year Membership, or a seasonal membership for $37.50.

You must be USA registered to swim USA Sanctioned Meets


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