Beginner Swimmers

Each swimmer is evaluated by one of our coaches when they join the team. They will be placed in a group with students that are the same age group and who swim at the same level. Coaches will teach the four basic strokes: freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly. Your swimmer will be promoted to the next group level when the coach feels confident in their abilities!

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Advanced Swimmers

BAC has produced top level athletes who have competed at the state championship level and who have also received numerous college scholarships!  


Swim Meets

The goal for all BAC coaches is to train swimmers to be both competent and confident as they prepare for swim meets. BAC participates in the River City Swim League every summer, and USA Swimming during the school year. 


Coaching Staff


BAC Coaches, under the leadership of Head Coach Bob Anderson, have a wealth of experience and are dedicated helping your swimmer be the best they can be. Each Coach brings their own unique experiences and practices to the team!

River City Swim League Champions 2017


River City Swim League Champions 2019


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River City Swim League Champions 2015


River City Swim League Champions 2014

River City Swim League Champions 2013

BAC High Point Winners 2016

Congratulations to Ella Dumandan, Mo Metcalf, Kate Meyers-Labenz, Alex Meyers-Labenz, Graham Ebuen, Molly McCarthy, Sam Florey, Billy Jones, Abby Forsyth, Tre Davis, Grace Vandergrift


BAC High Point Winners 2015

Congratulations to Lucrezia Gowdy, Sam Brinkley, Annie Wohlgemuth, Evan Larson, Billy Jones, Sam Florey, Grace Matchett. and Gavin Jones.

BAC High Point Winners 2013

Congratulations to Carly Davey, Kat Neal, Annie Wohlgemuth, Marcus Metcalf, Sam Florey, Emily Pritchard, Grace Matchett, Jake Florey, Sara Knight, Michael Metcaff and Evan Caltrider